The Net-Zero Circle is a community of visionary investors that share a common passion for climate action. For the first time, investors can stand with us publicly as key participants in the race to net zero.

Christian Oldendorff

Founder at Amplifier Lab

Christian Oldendorff is a Ship Owner and Founder of Amplifier Lab, an organization dedicated to net zero shipping.
Lina Arbelaez

Head of Decarbonisation Ventures at Anglo American

Lina is a versatile, engaging, out-of-the-box thinker, with 20 years of experience driving growth and innovation through general management, M&A and venturing. She has a unique background in the intersection of finance, project and partnership management, and works with amazing founders, researchers, investors and colleagues on a daily basis, to build, invest, accelerate scientific ventures with impactful climate solutions. She is bold on climate ambitions, transparent and empathetic in her interactions and inspired by SDGs, diversity and inclusion, selfwareness and shared goals.
Lisa Coca

Partner, Climate Fund at Toyota Ventures

Lisa Coca is a partner for Toyota Ventures where she leads the firm’s climate fund, which focuses on investing in innovative solutions for carbon neutrality. Prior to Toyota, Lisa served as a managing director and entrepreneur-in-residence with Intel’s emerging growth and incubations division where she led teams creating disruptive new businesses. Lisa was also a founding member of GE Ventures, responsible for launching and leading the enterprise software investment practice, as well as the EDGE program, a platform for portfolio companies to leverage the global scale, expertise, and resources of GE.
Dr. Andreas Rickert

CEO and Founder at Impact Business Angel

Dr. Andreas Rickert is the CEO and Founder of PHINEO, and a member of the German Council for Sustainable Development and CEO and Founder at Impact Business Angel.
Toni Piech

Piech Automotive, AMYP Ventures

Toni Piech is the CEO, Founder and Chairman of electric sportscar company Piech Automotive AG, and the founder of Toni Piech Foundation.
Laura and Ralf Schröder

Owners at Red Rocks Impact

Laura and Ralf Schröder are the owners at Red Rocks Impact. They are formerly members at Workday, an enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources.
Chris Rynning

Managing Partner at AMYP Ventures

Chris Rynning is Managing Partner of AMYP Ventures, part of a Piëch Family office. Chris has a global investment mandate, focused on new technologies, developments in the mobility sector, sustainability, and CO2 reduction.
Bastian Zarske Bueno

Head Group of Corporate Ventures & Innovation at Swiss Prime

Bastian is a recognised proptech and cleantech expert and startup board member who is passionate about investments at the intersection of the real estate value chain and venture capital. In his current role as Head Group Corporate Ventures & Innovation at one of Europe's largest listed real estate companies, Swiss Prime Site, Bastian has built the leading startup accelerator programme in the European construction and real estate industry. With his experience in business development and modelling and his distinct sense for building strategic cross-industry partnerships, he has helped numerous companies to succeed in challenging innovation environments. He is also a sought-after strategist and speaker on industry-changing topics such as servitisation of assets, the future of work, healthy construction, decarbonisation and space analytics, transforming the old industry mantra of "location, location, location" into "location, services and sustainability".
Dr. Marcus Erken

Founding Partner at Sunfish Partners

Marcus is a founding partner of Sunfish Partners, an early stage VC that invests in Polish deep tech startups with global ambitions.
Ralf Ophaus

Founder and CEO at Experts + Talents

Ralf Ophaus is the founder and CEO of Experts + Talents. He has over 20 years experience in founding and building companies, and is specialized in HR development and recruitment strategies.
Dr. Michaela and Dr. Magnus Harlander


Dr. Michaela and Dr. Magnus Harlander are entrepreneurs since 1992. They are scientists, IT & tech nerds, strategy & business culture evangelists. They are impact investors at ISAR AG since 2019.
Eric Redman

Decarbonisation Expert

Eric Redman is the Summit Power Inc.'s former president and CEO. In that role, Eric helped launch and remains active in the development of Summit’s carbon capture projects. He is a frequent speaker and author on coal gasification, carbon capture and carbon management, enhanced oil recovery, and climate matters. Redman’s seminal book on Congress, “The Dance of Legislation,” was a bestseller; he has also written for many newspapers, anthologies and magazines.
Jan Kaniess

Co-Founder at PayOne

Jan Kaniess is a co-founder at PayOne. Jan states that “climate tech will be a mega trend of the upcoming decade. My goal it to support the nascent sector with my knowledge and network.”
Dr. Olaf Berlien

Founder and investor at PARS Capital

Dr. Olaf Berlien, founder and investor PARS Capital, is a passionate supporter of new technologies and transformation. In his career, he held leading positions at Osram AG, ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG and ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG, Carl Zeiss AG, IBM Corp.
Stefan Jeschonnek

Co-Founder at Sum Up

Stefan Jeschonnek is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the co-Founder of SumUp and Zeitgold (acquired by Deel) and founding partner of Discovery Ventures.
Dr. Thomas Gnefkow

CEO and Founder at Saferay Asia

In renewables industry since 2007, Dr. Thomas Gnefkow is the CEO and founder of Saferay Asia. In his own words: “Energy can be transferred into literally everything! Renewables are already the cheapest source of energy, becoming cheaper every day. We must move beyond black now!”
Johanna Braun

Founder at Urban Heroes

Johanna Braun, owner at B Braun Medical, is a founder & philanthropist dedicated to social justice & conservation of our planet. She is also the founder of fitness chain Urban Heroes.
Stefan Lietsch

CTO at Zattoo

Stefan Lietsch is the Chief Technology Officer of Zattoo.
Dr. Frank Detlef Drake

Research and Innovation

Dr. Detlef Drake is the former Head of Strategy and Technology at German utility RWE. He is also a board member at Jülich Research Center, former McKinsey Partner for Energy and Chemicals.
Jan Webering

Entrepreneur & CEO at Avenga

Jan Webering is an entrepreneur & CEO at Avenga.
Tom Hegen

Aerial Photographer

Tom Hegen is an award-winning aerial photographer documenting the traces that humans leave on the earth's surface. His work received some of the most prestigious creative awards amongst the Red Dot Design Award, the International Photography Award, the Leica Oscar Barnack Award or the German Design Award.
Dr. Alexander Reichhuber

Seasoned venture investor

Dr. Alexander Reichhuber is a seasoned venture investor. He is a Partner at Berlin Technologie Holding, CEO of Bauwens X, a leading property tech investment company, and Founder/CEO of BeyondBuild, the digital ecosystem for real estate.
Vito Lomele

Serial entrepreneur

Vito Lomele is a serial entrepreneur.
Michael Reeder

Founder & CEO at ATHERA Group

Michael Reeder is the founder of ATHERA Group. He is also the founder and CEO of Reeder Invest Austria.
Juergen Jaron

CEO at Bellevue Investments

"If we don't find a solution to the climate problem in the next 10 years, then the wisest thing would probably be to take your fortune and enjoy the time you have left, or to be optimistic and invest time and money to solve the problem." — Juergen Jaron
Alessandro Palmieri

Serial entrepreneur

Alessandro Palmieri is a serial entrepreneur.
Christian Tönies

Attorney at Law & Partner at LLM.Eur.

Christian Tönies, LLM.Eur., Attorney at Law, Partner at POELLATH, leading lawyer for venture capital and “veteran of the scene” advising venture capital funds, corporate venture capitalists, start-ups, as well as institutional and strategic investors.