We’ve all been there — asking ourselves what WE can do about climate change. We’ve already cut flying, reduced meat consumption, and ordered less on Amazon. But all these measures sum up to a low single-digit CO2 tons reduction. We realised that we need to look at our workplace to have a real impact. How can we dedicate our time and resources to have a significant impact on humanity’s biggest challenge?

This is how Extantia’s team came together. For us, as successful investors, unicorn founders, climate scientists & policy experts, it was a no-brainer. At Extantia, we combine our know-how in different areas to move the needle on climate change.


Yair Reem

Iris C. ten Have

Torben Schreiter

Sebastian Heitmann

Fernanda Bartels

Joern-Carlos Kuntze

Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont

Dr. Laura-Marie Töpfer

Oliver Schwarzer

Tess Dury

Eshel Lipman

Prof. Francesco Pomponi