What is a Gigacorn?

We are all about Climate First. We invest in deep decarbonization
technologies that lead us to a world beyond fossil fuels. We back companies that make a meaningful contribution.

Reduction Potential of existing Portfolio:


Cut 8.2% of global CO2e emissions every year


Remove CO2e emissions equivalent to 930 million cars


Reduce 100% of EU's annual CO2 emissions

We are actively searching for companies that have the potential of becoming a “Gigacorn”, that is, companies capable of saving at least 1Gt of CO2e a year that are commercially viable with unicorn potential. We back exceptional entrepreneurs who achieve this either through direct technology impact of at least 100 Mt of CO2e a year or indirectly as a significant enabling force across sectors.

How to build a Gigacorn

A Gigacorn is a company that has achieved lowering or sequestering CO2e emissions by 1 gigaton a year while being commercially viable

1. Team

Team is coachable and can grow the business

2. Green-line

Potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions

3. Bottom-line

Technology has practical sizeable market demand and is competitive as an alternative to fossil fuels

4. Scale

Ability to transform company into a fast scaling and commercial business. No fundamental R&D or upfront CAPEX intensive business

5. Value Drivers

Ability to catalyse co- and follow on funding for our entrepreneurs from leading public-private investors, deep domain expertise & networks beyond capital

Carbon Math

In order to assess each company’s GREEN LINE, meaning how much CO2e they can save, we use our carbon math formula. The result is the amount of CO2e savings in the total addressable market (TAM)

Giga Suspects

The highest potential for CO2e reductions can be found in areas where the highest percentage of emissions are being generated, which is why we focus on the most polluting industries.

Share of global emissions: